Director’s Message

Over the last decade or so, technology in India has taken rapid strides with an accelerated speed. This gigantic growth is most noticeable in the sphere of information, communication and entertainment. The 21st Century generation is growing by leaps and bounds ranging from Mobile Telephony to Multimedia Messsaging, Webcams to Satellite Video Convergence and from Earth to the boundaries of Space.

The very essence of Mass Communication is reaching out to people at large, communicating with the masses. Thus, it depends mainly on the advanced technology of the day. With the coming of age of Computers, the advent of Television and expansion of Radio, Communication and Entertainment have created an infinite space for creativity.

It is with this very concept that Delhi Film Institute was initiated. As it happens, every language has its own grammar. This electronic language of the 21st century also has a very well defined grammar. Delhi Film Institute’s sincerest endeavour is to impart the very basic grammar of this unique electronic language to it’s students and educate and inform them about the various technologies being used in Communication – oral, pictorial and performed.

“A carpenter must know his tools” goes the age old saying, and this constitutes the main feature of the training being imparted at Delhi Film Institute. Hands on experience with the latest equipments available today is essential to be able to understand the technology of tomorrow.

Delhi Film Institute endeavours to create a talented, and more so committed, pool of creative minds in all forms of Media,Mass Communication and Entertainment.

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