IMojni Jamin Mapani Online Application at 2023

Get land measurement application (Jamin mapni) land survey Number map and land measurement PDF to view online land records sitting at home. Online land measurement / land measurement application (jamin mapani online) does not need to be visit the office. Gujarat government has launched a portal called IORA ONLINE JAMIN MAPANI, through which the land records of Gujarat can be easily obtained. With the help of this portal, you can check your land information in just a few seconds.

Online land measurement

Online land measurement: Gujarat government has launched a portal called IORA GUJARAT JAMIN MAPANI ONLINE, through which Gujarat land records can be easily obtained. Today we will give you information about the IORA (Online jamin mapani) portal.With the help of this portal, you can check your land information in just a few seconds. As you know, digital Gujarat portal is a single desk of multiple services. So, through the digital Gujarat portal, you can also check your land records.

Jamin Mapani Online

  • For Jamin Mapani i.e Land measurement applications applicant needs to open iORA portal []: IORA-integrated online revenue applications
  • After that Select the “Online applications” option from the menu bar on iORA’s home page.
  • Open a new page and select the purpose of the application.
  • Now Choose “exp. => Land measurement application”
  • Fill in the other necessary details.

Measurement can be done in two ways (days after payment receipt)

  • Simple measurement (which will be disposed of in 60 days)
  • Emergency measure (which will be disposed of in 30 days)
  • Online application link, detailed information and official circular:
  • After the measurement procedure, the applicant will be able to get a hard copy of the measurement sheet with a fixed fee after 30 days from the date of receipt of the measurement sheet by email.
  • If the applicant is not satisfied with the land measurement than they can fil Objections Online. Online Android App APK Link

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In this article, The word Jamin Means Land and the word Mapani means measurement. Jamin mapani is gujarati word for land measurement. In this article you will find how to do online application for jamin mapani on iora portal which is

To apply for “Land Survey” online as follows / Jamin Mapani Online Arji at

Follow this process step by step and you will be able to apply for the Gujarat jamin mapani yourself. Process isn’t as hard as you think its just you are not familiar with the land records and govt portal.

  • For New Application you have to visit iora portal and go on Online Application Button.
  • The iora portal can be visited from here iora online application.
  • jamin mapani
  • After that you will see the form in which you will see the option “Araji No Hetu” or purpose of the application.
  • Select “Jamin Mapani Sambandhit Araji” in that box.
  • Then Enter other details and then enter OTP.
  • Then go on submit button.

After filling the details of the application, the application and affidavit should be printed, signed by the persons concerned, scanned and readable in readable quality.

After uploading the application, the measurement fee has to be paid online / NEFT. Receipt of payment must be generated from the portal after payment, otherwise the application will not be considered completed. : conducting land survey Measurement online from iMojni.

Various revenue services are being made available online through the use of online services by the state government to enable the public to access services without direct contact with the employees through the use of technology in the state. With revenue services being online, the process has become faster, easier and more transparent.

The process of applying for measurement in the offices of the Land Registry Department was expeditious and the matter was under consideration by the Government to be carried out by the applicant without direct contact with the office. At the end of the adult deliberation, it has been decided by the Government to make one more Revenue Service “Land Survey Measurement, Share Measurement and Application for Surveying” online from the iORA portal.

land survey online

In this regard, the matter was under consideration of the Government to circulate the following instructions to the applicant on the iORA portal as well as to the offices of the Land Registry Department to carry out the measurement work through imojni application. The following instruction is circulated with active consideration in this regard.

  1. Applications for various measurements available on iORA portal should be made online only. The prescribed form for online application to the applicants will be generated from the system itself and the guidance will be available on the iORA portal.
  2. Online application for measurement can also be made from the Gram Panchayat office at the rate fixed by the Panchayat Department.
  3. If any applicant is inconvenienced in applying online, he can contact the help desk in the District Inspector Land Office and apply online with their help. For this, all the District Inspectors will have to assign one employee to help the applicants to facilitate the help desk in the office of the land office.
  4. In the first phase, the application for measurement of extent, share measurement among the farmer account holders can be done online, then other types of measurement application will be done online in phases.
  5. The applicant will have to apply for a separate measurement for each survey number, but in case of share measurement (Hissa Mapani) and extent measurement (Had Mapani), if there is only one survey number, the required number of numbers can be selected in a single application for measurement.
  6. The priority of measurement will be of two types:
    1) Simple measurement (Sadi Mapani) (which has to be disposed of within 30 days from the receipt of payment receipt)
    2) Urgent measurement (which has to be disposed of within 30 days from the receipt of payment receipt)
  7. if applicant has the possession in other survey number apart from mentioned in application, it will not be measured and the surveyor will work on it and upload it in the system. In such a case the measurement fee of the applicant will be forfeited and the measurement application will be rejected.
  8. The fee for each application will be calculated by the system, and the fee will have to be paid online. After the measurement operation, a soft copy (scan copy) of the measurement sheet should be sent to the applicant by e-mail. For the first time in 30 days after sending the measurement sheet to the applicant by e-mail, a hard copy of the measurement sheet will have to be provided for the first time separately from the office of the District Inspector Land Office without charging any fee. After the time limit, the required copy fee has to be paid and a copy of the measurement sheet has to be provided.
  9. The applicant will be digitally informed of the date fixed for the measurement and emailed and SMSed to the phone number mentioned in the application.
  10. If due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural calamity, rain, court matter, medical emergency, any necessary administrative work or any other reason the surveyor cannot go on the date and time allotted for the measurement, the applicant must show cause in the software. The second date and time for the measurement will be informed by SMS / E-Mail and no additional fee will be charged from the applicant.
  11. On the due date given for measurement, the applicant has to be present at the Gram Panchayat office with his photo identity card, where he has to contact the surveyor. If the applicant is not present at the Gram Panchayat office on the due date, the surveyor will have to be present at the Gram Panchayat office and wait for the applicant to come. Both the parties should coordinate telephonically if possible but if the Gram Panchayat office does not come / attend the applicant on the due date, the matter will be investigated by the applicant and the surveyor will upload it in the Panchrojakam system after that applicant will be notified through SMS and Email about cancellation of Mapani Process and the measurement fee will be forfeited.

In Which Case Mapani application of Jamin will be rejected and Fees will be forfeited?

After the surveyor comes to the village for the measurement, if the measurement cannot be done due to the following reasons, the measurement fee will be forfeited, and the measurement application will be rejected.

  1. If the possession is upside down while measuring the place.
  2. If the field is full of water and it is not possible to measure.
  3. If there is no access road to the farm.
  4. If there is crop standing in the field which is an obstacle in measuring e.g. If there is sugarcane, paddy and shrub undergrowth.
  5. If the applicant cannot show his direct possession at the place.
  6. Circumstances where peace / law and order are violated during the measurement process.

But in case the applicant has already obtained police protection and the surveyor has been successfully provided protection by the police, the measurement will have to be done. If the measurement is not possible despite police protection, it will have to be investigated.

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