It was just a few years back exactly in 1995 that things started happening in the serene, peaceful and conducive environment of Neeti Bagh, New Delhi which has now been resulted into present shape of anju visuals (AV), in a most upcoming and talked about, technically brilliant and professionally enviably industrious group of Media professionals. (now operating from ChittaranjanPark)

A motivation to make socially relevant, educative, entertaining (Info) programs with maximum inputs of technical, informative and conceptual skills was one of the factors behind it. All the professionals, coming under one umbrella of AV, have already had their bright and rising carrier graphs individually in respective professional fields ranging from production, cinematography, concept development, research, screenplay, and autography and most updated computer-electronic operatives. Each of them had already made his presence felt in the media, leaving indelible imprints through various programs.

Being the training division of Anju Visuals, an operational and fully equipped production house, the students of Delhi Film Institue naturally have access to all the resources and infrastructure that the production house boasts of. Anju Visuals is a professional production house, which is actively involved in the production of radio serials, jingles, audio spots, music albums, ad films, corporate films, documentaries, serials, audio/visual presentations, news gathering, event management projects etc. Keeping up with quality which is best in the industry, our studio is equipped with 3 non linear Avid video editing suites and an audio studio for complete multi-track digital recording and dubbing facilities on all formats. Apart from this the production house also gives access to an entire range of equipments.

Cameras and Recorders

  • Jimmy Jibs Stanton 40 feet
  • DV Cam Camera Sony EX3
  • DSR-570 WSPL
  • Camera Sony D-35
  • Camera Sony DXC 637
  • Camera Sony PD-170
  • HDV Camera Sony HVR Z1-P
  • PVV-3P Beta Recorder
  • High Band recorder
  • High Band NTSC Recorder
  • Wide Angle Adapter
  • Cordless Mikes
  • Lens Filters

Editing Machines and Equipment

  • Non-Linear Avid Studio Complete Editing Suite. (Avid Express Mojo+Protool+Boris Effects, DVD Authoring)
  • Non-Linear Avid Express Editing Suite. (Mac)
  • Non-Linear Avid DV Express Pro Editing Suite with Mojo.
  • VCD Encoder
  • DVD Encoder
  • CD Duplicator
  • Multiple VHS Conversion Unit
  • Multiple Audio Conversion Unit
  • Sony 2800 Beta Recorder
  • Sony 70 P Beta Recorder
  • Digi-Beta Recorder
  • DV Recorder Sony 45-P

Audio Equipments and Equipments

Recording Console – Yamaha O2R.
3 channel field mixer – Shure FP32
TASCAM Digital Multi-track Recorder – DA78HR(24 Bit)
Multi-track recording on Protools LE.
24 Channel AD-DA converter- Mark of the Unicorn(Motu-2408)
Dual Effect Processor – M One.
DAT Recorder – DA 20 MK II (TASCAM)
Two track spool recorder (TASCAM)
Two track spool recorder (TEAC)
Audio Monitor – NS 10M (Yamaha)
Cassette Decks (TASCAM)
Amplifier – R.S. Electronics
Headphone Amplifier – R.S. Electronics
Amplifier Woodstock – SA4000
Speaker Woodstock SPK OPT – 150
Audio Cassette Recorders
Public Address System
Mikes: AKG – 414, AKG – 2000, AKG – D310, Shure SM58, Sennheiser Gun Mike K6, Sennheiser Cordless UHF mike SK100, Shure Cordless UHF mike UT4-TF.

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