Our Vision

Mass media play a vital role in our lives. We are witnessing a revolution in the field of communication with the convergence and integration of communication technologies. Which is increasing the demand for training to meet the new challenges and the need. For understanding the media, their reach and impact have increased manifold for this purpose. Delhi Film Institute was set up in 2005. As an Institute of Excellence in the field of mass communication education, DFI has always strived to rework the curriculum in consonance with the changing needs of the media.

In a world of incessantly proliferating Mass Communication Institutes and Media Schools, one tends to forget the aesthetics, worth and seriousness of the Audio-Visual medium. As a result, the entire process of training and educating students and professionals in this field has unfortunately become more of a lucrative prospect for shrewd and petty businessmen. We at Delhi Film Institute think differently. Our aim is to give students an overall understanding of Films, Television and Radio and to provide them with the right kind of guidance to build professionally equipped careers as Film-Makers, Journalists, Editors, Sound Recordist, Cinematographers, Artists and other Media Personnel. Keeping this idea in mind, we at Delhi Film Institute have for the first time come out with a comprehensive course in various aspects of Film-Making and Mass Communication, Advertisement & Journalism for students.

Delhi Film Institute is a professional institute centrally located in the heart of South Extension, New Delhi.

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