Short Term Courses

Radio Jockeying, Anchoring & News Reading

Duration: ONE MONTH
Eligibility: Admission by Audition

Way back in the history of television, news was a serious, no frills business where a person assigned to read out the daily bulletin did the same with a monotonous tone and a dull expression on his or her face. Today, with the advent of news channels and news related TV programmes, the definition of the entire concept of newsgathering and reading has completely been revolutionized.

Today, news reading and presentation is far from dull and serious and there is a certain amount of flamboyance and glamour attached to the business of news. Today, it is an anchor and not a mere newsreader that presents the news. The anchor is a connecting thread in a TV news bulletin. It is the job of the anchor to read the main news. The reporters, voiceovers, visuals, interviews, graphs, direct reports, pieces to camera and other packages, cover other details of the stories. So, the news anchor is required to have a lucid, loud and clear diction and voice. The anchor must also be comfortable in front of the camera. He or she has to know where exactly to look so that the eyes don’t look disoriented to the audience, everyone of who is to be addressed by the anchor.

The anchor is required to be very alert and responsible while presenting the bulletin. A mistake on the part of the anchor may result in a major flaw in the programme. It is the anchor’s job to fill the awkward gaps between stories and to connect and thread the entire array of reports that are presented in a single bulletin. So, the anchor must know the stories in details and should be able to present them in such a way that he or she somewhere starts building a relationship with the viewers. Keeping this in mind, the facial expressions and look of the anchor is extremely important. No audience will ever appreciate an anchor with a grim face. At the same time an anchor cannot smile while presenting a really distressing piece of news. While maintaining all this, the anchor must also remember that he or she has to sound convincing and confident.

The most important part of an anchor’s job is ad libbing wherein the anchor has to know exactly how to react and what to say whenever there is a technical snag during the bulletin. So, the anchor must have a brilliant command over the language, should be well informed about the various facts and coordinates about the events and personalities involved. Last, but not the least, the anchor has to be well read, cultured and a trained and fine communicator as he or she represents the programme or the channel in more than one ways.

The News Anchoring course at the Delhi Film Institute aims to instill all these qualities and more in the students so that they can built themselves to be strong, smart, talented achievers in the fast growing and thrilling world of news and reporting.

Radio Jockeying is all about presence of mind and oodles of wit. With the advent of an assortment of radio channels and with names like Radio Mirchi and Radio City becoming hip with the young generation, Radio seems like the place to be!

Today radio seems to be all pervading. From bed tea to drive to office to late night parties, it is the voice of the RJs that define the hour of the day. Some people are naturally gifted with a flair for entertaining people and communicating with them. Others need to cultivate it. But whatever the background of a person, with a little bit of grooming and acquaintance with the media, a person can easily nurture the talent latent in him or her.

Radio Jockeys have become so much a part of our daily lives that they have finally managed to attain the status of celebrities. From ‘Love Guru’ to the RJs on ‘Wicked Hour’, don’t we just adore them all?

At the Delhi Film Institute we try to identify and hone the talents of all our students. With the guidance and inputs of experts from the industry, students are acquainted with the media and the technical factors that they need to keep in mind while performing.

Voice modulation, tempo, speed, pitch are some of the technical aspects of speech and voice cultivation that a Radio Jockey has to pick up in a professional course apart from presence of mind and a crisp and lucid language. Through regular voice exercises and rehearsals, we help our students identify their strong and weak points and help them develop as confident and smart professionals so much in demand in the industry.

Apart from the regular popular channels based in the metros, a Radio Jockey can also explore other pastures like other regional radio stations where an RJ can excel with an opportunity to perform in his or her own mother tongue. Because whatever the channel, whatever the language or region, RJ’s are out to conquer and if you have it in you, nothing should prevent you from exploring!

The Radio Jockeying, Anchoring & News Reading Workshop at Delhi Film Institute aims to instill all these qualities and more in the students so that they can built themselves to be strong, smart, talented achievers in the fast growing and thrilling world of Radio, News and Anchoring.

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