Short Term Courses

Sound Engineering

Duration: 6 Months
Eligibility: 10+2

Sound is one of the most essential and inevitable elements in the process of filmmaking. Many a times people tend to pay too much attention to the visuals and neglect the importance of sound. This results in an incomplete and shoddy production, which can never grab the attention of its viewers. With technology steadily heading towards the peaks, today Films and TV Programmes heavily depend on sounds and effects.

Sound defines the feel of many scenes. Sound effects along with editing techniques and styles are actually capable of changing the entire meaning of a scene or a sequence. Apart from understanding the technical aspects of sound design and engineering, one has to develop a keen ear for understanding sound minutely. One should also have a sense of aesthetics and should have ideas so that the effects and technology can be put to the right use.

Delhi Film Institute offers a comprehensive course in sound engineering. Apart from workshops and projects where students are given in-depth information about sound and its qualities, we also give students access to a fully equipped Audio Studio with Recording Consoles, Mixers and Processors. Students also get a detailed demonstration of various kinds of high quality Mikes including Sennheiser and Shure Mikes of the best quality available in the industry.

Anju Visuals is equipped with a professional Audio Studio for Multi-Track Digital Recording and dubbing facilities on all formats. Students have access to this apart from getting opportunities to be part of the film shoots that happen at the production house.

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